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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trust the .... um ... I got nothing, we're screwed

Sam Hinkie reportedly is stepping down. What does this mean for the worst team in basketball? Does anybody care?


  1. Completely shortsighted move, I wonder if Harris is looking to sell. But I see the future looking like 1. BC comes in and overpays average talent. 2. BC doesn't completely screw up all of Hinkie's efforts, the 6ers get decent and the Colangelos are praised. Meh, it looks like we are heading back to the treadmill. Maybe another Drose situation will happen again and we will win a fluke playoff series someday.

  2. I'm so nervous for what's going to happen. I hope they ride it out and try to stick to things a little bit. I'm most worried about them blowing the cap room on someone. I'm kinda intrigued if we go after someone like Harrison Barnes. I don't he's a #1 and I'm not sure he would excel on our bad team, but if we could steal him it would be interesting. Probably a pipe dream tho as everyone has cap space so why would he come to philly.

    Toughest thing for me is now, if the Sixers get good it's cuz of Jerry and if they stink it's cuz Hinkie messed up the team too badly haha