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Sunday, January 3, 2016

PTFCA Relay Discussion

What are the relay prospects for this season? Who will be competing in which events? Will the change to allow teams to run both the 4x8 and DMR have a big impact on the results?


  1. Penn wood is one missing leg away from a state championship in the 4x8. If Abington lets Cheltenham and CB south chase DTW for the DMR, I'd say Abington takes the 4x8 title. Other 4x8's I would like to see are Cheltenham and State College. In the end, heres what I predict


    State College
    CB west
    Penn Wood

  2. I'd be very, very surprised to see an A team from Abington in the DMR. I'd imagine they will go for both 4x8 and 4x4 titles and with the DMR and 4x4 back to back (and likely a lot of overlap between the two) not sure that race makes much sense. Plus, they aren't built quite the same as the other distance powers you put in contention.

    Just my thoughts though, no insider knowledge or anything

  3. I think having the 4x8 first in this meet really positions Abington for a 4x8, 4x4 double. Abington is much more of a sprint school anyway and I just don't see them having a 1600 leg that can hold off the others.

    State College is the really interesting team here. Obviously they have supreme 4x8 skills and running on a home track is obviously helpful. But honestly, that team is better suited for a DMR. All of their 800 guys run XC and Milligan/Feffer could be a great 1600/1200 duo. I would look for State College to attempt 4x8/DMR double and have the best shot of any team at completing it.

    Then again, there's DTW. Obviously DTW is stacked beyond belief. However, I think that DTW will focus more on individual events here and attempt a great 4xmile at indoor nationals. Obviously their other relays are good, but I just can't imagine DTW going for a relay sweep at Indoor states. The could easily take one, but I think the mile/3000 would take precedent over a 4x800 win.