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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 US Olympic Trials/Olympics

Marathon Discussion? Track Discussion? What about the professional ranks outside of the USA?


  1. Chris Derrick has officially said that he is considering a US Marathon Trials race if he thinks his training is at the right point and he thinks he can make the team. Interesting for someone with such great 10k credentials to attempt this. Of all of the major track runners though, Derrick's attempt would make the most sense. Last year was a clear down year for Derrick and there is no real hope for him to attempt a world indoor team appearance. If Derrick feels ready, I think he should toe the line at Nationals and then drop out immediately if he loses the front pack in the first 15 miles. Nothing really hurting his Rio track chances should he do this and it gives him another shot at making an Olympic team.

    The other major news in the marathon is Galen Rupp's US Trials qualifier. It was run alone and Rupp is easily the biggest name in US distance running likely to make a championship. Rupp is almost a surefire bet to get a RIO spot in either the 5k or 10k, while Derrick has a good chance, but is not a lock by any means. In terms of RIO, a much larger bet for Rupp.
    More importantly, RIO may not be the only thing on Rupp's mind. Rupp likely wants to bring his indoor talents to Portland for the World Indoor Championships at 3000m. After setting US records at many distances indoors, it would seem fitting for Rupp to want to represent the US in his hometown. Obviously the 3k is not Rupp's best event anymore, but I can't see him ignoring the opportunity to grab a world title in his hometown. Given all of this, expect Rupp to be absent from the marathon and expect him to start dropping quick miles indoors starting soon.

    1. Worth noting, CD was injured last year and he really hampered his training prior to USAs. I think he'd be one of the favorites to make the Olympic Team at 10k (if healthy). But it would def be cool to see him do a marathon. I'd be surprised to see Rupp or Derrick go at this phase of the game, but just the buzz around their qualifying times has made me much more intrigued about the marathon trials.

  2. Will Rudisha and Bolt close out their last Olympics in winning fashion?